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Canal Winchester, Ohio

Canal Winchester Entrance Auditorium

What We Did

An 8-phase project ensured classes and were maintained during the 26- month construction period.

The CDA/Schorr team assisted Canal Winchester Local School District with the OFCC Classroom Facilities Assistance Program to complete the full redevelopment of its existing High School and secure additional programming spaces.

Mike led the programming process which involved 149,500 SF of existing space to be renovated and 53,500 SF of new space which focused on an auxiliary gymnasium, media center, blended learning classrooms, and project labs. The renovation of the entire building brought existing conditions up to Ohio School Design Manual standards throughout, with the CDA team focused on the interior elements including furniture.

A new administrative office wing was created out of the former media center space and the building was reoriented to the Washington Street frontage as the primary entry. The former administrative office was converted into a new student commons area focused on self-directed learning and technology. Student dining was expanded, and science labs were created. The renovation also focused on student traffic patterns and safety, with a reorganization to provide better access and transportation throughout the facility.


August 2020


CM at Risk




53,500 sq ft Additions (2 Stories)
149,500 sq ft Renovations (2 Stories)

Team members included Mike Dingeldein, Cindy Dingeldein

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