Fitton Center
for Creative Arts


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Hamilton, Ohio

Fitton Center bench and exhibit in background

What We Did

The Fitton Center is a community arts center offering galleries, educational opportunities, and performance venues.

Originally designed by Mike and Cindy in 1993 (SHP) and expanded in 2003 with the Carruthers Center for Arts and Technology (SHP), The Fitton Center celebrated it’s 20 yr anniversary with a major addition to the theater and a complete refurbishment of the interiors (CDA). The new theater seats 257 people and has upgraded lighting and backstage areas. New furnishings and display systems as well as new finishes throughout the building in galleries, studios, offices, and a complete renovation of the restrooms will position the Fitton Center for the next 20 years.

The Fitton Center restrooms, designed by artist Jan Brown Checco and CDA were recently a top 5 finalist in the Cintas “Best Restrooms in America” contest. The overall project involved careful scheduling and sequencing to allow the Fitton Center to remain in operation during the renovation and addition construction. In partnership with Messer Construction, budgets and schedules were created and tracked throughout the project.


January 2015


Construction Manager at Risk


$3.9M for 2015 Addition Remodeling


48,265 sq ft

Team members included Mike Dingeldein, Cindy Dingeldein

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