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Lancaster, Ohio

Lancaster High School's main entrance

What We Did

New High School including comprehensive Career Tech program to support 1,933 students.

CDA, in partnership with Schorr Architects, is in the midst of construction of the largest high school with a career tech program that either firm has ever designed. Mike led the extensive programming and department meeting process, with support of the whole design team, to develop the initial schematic design plans that evolved into the final design of this 369,000 SF facility which includes 13 Career Tech programs and a 764-seat auditorium.

The sophisticated color scheme of blues, golds and neutrals throughout the building creates a calm environment with some elements of surprise, to appeal not only to high school students, but also the community at large. The central corridor breaks down the entry sequence by creative use of architectural elements, casual gathering spaces, and color and pattern, while offering easy access to the auditorium, café, athletics, offices, academics and career tech areas.

The Media Center is of primary importance in the design of the building and is partially located in the rotunda area. Casual lounge seating is centered underneath a soaring sculptural light fixture and ceiling detailing. The stacks create a warm wraparound of literature as they hug the circular walls of this impressive space.


December 2025


Construction Manager at Risk




369,000 sq ft - 2 stories

Team members included Mike Dingeldein, Cindy Dingeldein, Mary Knapp, Taylor Stone-Welch, Luke Patelunas, Tony Rawe

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