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Hamilton, Ohio

ODW Logistics Rec Room

What We Did

ODW is a prominent freight solution provider specializing in freight management, brokerage, and managed transportation solutions.

In 2014, this fast-growing company, located in downtown Hamilton was already working with Gerry Saurber and OstermanCron furniture dealer when Cindy was hired for interior design services for the new staff lounge and reception area on the 6th floor. Bright corporate colors of blue and orange were used in the design which included built in casework and kitchen, lounge area, dining areas, light fixtures, signage, area rugs, etc.

In 2021, ODW contracted with CDA to provide full service architectural and interior design services for their 16,000 sq ft expansion on the 5th floor. This project included space planning, coordination with OstermanCron for furniture selection, interior design elements, color and finish selections, and coordination of an extensive graphic design package by LemonGrenade Studio. Spaces included an additional staff lounge, lecture room, open and private offices, large conference room, reception and support areas. Full glass partitions were used to create numerous break out spaces and the continued use of vibrant corporate colors is seen throughout the space.


Spring 2014 and Fall 2021


Private Bid, Gerry Saurber,


$2.5MM to date


1,800 sq ft in 2014
and 16,000 sq ft in 2021

Team members included Cindy Dingeldein, Steven Gebhart

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