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Grove City, Ohio

Norton Middle School Administrative Office

What We Did

Four new middle schools were designed with a “kit of parts” to create equity throughout the district.

In 2020, and in partnership with Schorr Architects, CDA finished planning, design, and construction documents for 4 new middle schools for South-Western City School District. Schorr Architects is the Architect of Record for these projects, with CDA providing Schematic Design and Project Management services in addition to complete Interior Design Services under Cindy’s leadership.

Each one of these projects includes a Media Center as part of the building design, and provides a modern, inviting, up to date library experience to each child. Each media center includes small group breakout rooms with flexible furniture, lounge seating, technology hubs, conference rooms, clear views for supervision as well as circulation desks and library books stacks. The color scheme for each building was the same with the exception of the athletic spaces which each had their own identity.

The ongoing 24-year relationship between SWCSD and the Dingeldein’s , as well as their design partners over the years is an example of the value Mike and Cindy place on communication and the building of mutual respect between all team members as a path forward to develop a book of work of buildings that successfully serve the community.


Summer 2022


Public Bid CM


$35M per school


116,000 sq ft per school

Team members included Mike Dingeldein, Cindy Dingeldein, Mary Knapp, Taylor Stone-Welch, Luke Patelunas

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